Ginger yellow with black looks quite suitable

Ginger yellow with black looks quite suitable. You can freely combine the low collar and high collar with the change of temperature. The same is the lapel, the irregularity and the contrasting colors will definitely make everyone fancy at a glance. The asymmetry on the left and right sides is fresh enough. The cross stitching of the colors highlights the difference of the large lapels in addition to the contrasting colors. The neat lines make the woolen coat convey masculinity.
At first glance, such a lapel looks like a heart, is there any wood? The general attitude of the lapel is maintained, but the contrasting color is brought into play to another situation, which is different from the previous one. The lapel of a suit is the first large lapel to appear in our lives, the first to be accepted by us

but it is very effective for concealing the lack of shoulder lines

The design is full of sense, although it is slightly exaggerated, but it is very effective for concealing the lack of shoulder lines. A solid-color coat with an elongated design requires such solid concentration.
If you don’t like sharp angles, you can choose a rounded arc. Compared with the fierce aura of a strong woman, the lapel uses such a shape to fulfill our pursuit of small freshness. Without the shackles of splicing and the restrictions of lines, the large lapels have become gentle and amiable. It is also a rounded arc. The addition of a straight line does not change anything. It is more like catering to the color, and I am afraid that I will fall into a monotonous situation accidentally.

so-called sense of hierarchy cannot be satisfied only with planes

so-called sense of hierarchy cannot be satisfied only with planes, and the three-dimensional sense of hierarchy is also involved. The large lapel is superimposed with a small lapel, and the stitching distance is more obvious. After all, the bright solid color looks monotonous. The change of the big lapel instantly improves the photogenic rate of the woolen coat. Let the spliced ??lines no longer appear, and there will be no gaps, but directly make the big lapel bag round, but the angle is sharper. It’s not a bad thing to have sharp edges and corners. At least it allows us to see the domineering nature of the woolen coat. The design of a button should have both grace and temperature. Incorporating a square element into the large lapel is both an extension of the sharp angle and a testament to the lapel’s changing self.

There are too many patterns of lapels

Know how to choose. There are too many patterns of lapels, which makes people suffer from difficulty in choosing. This is the big lapel we are used to, the traces of splicing are obvious, and the lines form a layered sense of plane. Wear a turtleneck sweater inside, a fashionable sweater chain in autumn, and a sensual scarf in winter, elegant and intellectual across the seasons. Slightly playful with balloon sleeves, the large lapels make a difference. There are always changes. The position of the splicing, the curvature of the lapel and the angle of extension, a little change can bring infinite reverie. If it is combined with other details of the woolen coat, it will make our choice difficult. Symptoms intensified. The fur-stitched pockets incorporate contrasting elements, which are very eye-catching

only the fabrics are becoming more and more high-end

only the fabrics are becoming more and more high-end, but also from the cool autumn to the light warmth of early winter, cashmere can always be warm to the bottom of my heart without regrets. The potential quality and taste are not only a superb, transparent Looking at the connotation clearly, she is an absolute intellectual lady.
Playful and bright is the best choice, the beaded beads are beautiful and brilliant, even at the moment of meeting, it can’t erase the dazzling aura of the protagonist. It is not natural to stand out. The raglan is so fascinated, until the nails are bright, I just found out that the elegant can also be released like this. My best friend wanted to buy a woolen coat with a big lapel, but she came home with nothing. It’s not because I didn’t like the right one, but because I like too many styles,